Opening Minds

“This is really amazing. I like the mix of teaching, story, and humor. It made me stop and think about my life.”
– Neva, age 12

“This book is good for kids because it gives them ideas of why something happened. Some of the things you suggested I had never even heard of! Now I have a new perspective on why certain things (may have) happened.”
– 6th grade student

“I liked how you mixed all the hard thinking stuff with the fun humorous parts.”
– 6th grade student

“I think this book sends a good message to kids my age.”
– Andi, age 13

Building a Foundation

“I really liked your book. It gives a lot of advice and will help kids accept others even if they are different.”
– 6th grade student

“This book is good for kids because it tells us how to keep cool when we are wrong.”
– 6th grade student

“A lot of parts in this book teach kids things that will help them later on in middle school, high school, and college.”
– 6th grade student


“I think this book is good because it will change kids and make them happier.”
– 6th grade student

“I liked the part when you talked about how to love and become someone’s friend when they are hurting.”
– 6th grade student

“This was a very relatable and inspirational book!”
– Alaina, age 12

“I think this book is the answer to world peace!”
– 6th grade student

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