Author Marie Nordeng

Marie Nordeng

For over twenty years, I’ve worked with children in a variety of different settings; as a child care provider, a coordinator of children’s activities, and as an active volunteer in the classroom. I’m also a busy mother of three, two of whom are currently middle-school aged.

In the midst of making life fun and educational, I’ve always been focused on helping children value honesty and kindness.

I’m certain that my desire to share these values stems from growing up heavily involved in an international organization based on Unity. My family’s involvement in The Focolare Movement taught me the importance of reaching out to our neighbors and to other cultures and religions, or to those with no religion, by looking at what we have in common and aiming to be enriched by our differences rather than separated by them.

Starting at a young age, I was taught very important ideas about kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, and unity… and was given practices on how to keep seeing people for who they are and how to keep trying to forgive and understand myself and others.

This does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that I am a champion at knowing myself and loving others every minute of every day of my life. But what it does mean is that I grew up to be a very happy, confident and caring adult. And as an adult, I realized that the reason for this is because I was given so many tools, at such a young age, that continue to help me see things from different angles and help me learn about myself and what kindness looks like.

My hope is that I can share these perspectives and tools with people everywhere (and especially middle schoolers) in order to help them get a head start on becoming happy, confident, and caring individuals… leading to a stronger sense of well-being, kinder communities and better success in life.

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