Dusted Off and ReadyDusted Off and Ready Book Cover

A Book About Making Life Great

By Marie Nordeng

Dusted Off and Ready helps to support middle schoolers in living happy, confident and caring lives. Designed to open up their thinking regarding community, kindness and acceptance of themselves and others, kids are able to look at life from many different angles, gaining new and positive perspectives.

Middle schoolers and up relate to the combination of honesty and humor in a way that allows for big life messages to become approachable topics. They are able to learn the importance of reaching out to others, as well as the importance of working through their own feelings, judgements or attitudes.

Studies show that kindness and understanding lead to a stronger sense of well-being and the potential for better success in life. Explore how Dusted Off and Ready can aid you in your commitment to supporting middle schoolers in this way.

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